2016-01-09  Thomas HochsteinFix display of CNAME/A records in log file.
2016-01-09  Thomas HochsteinRelease v0.6.2 maint v0.6.2
2016-01-09  Thomas HochsteinTry to handle CNAMEs and resolve them to A records.
2016-01-09  Thomas HochsteinAllow setting an empty envelope-from using '-s'.
2011-12-04  Thomas HochsteinFix annoying error message (Release 0.6.1). v0.6.1
2011-10-24  Thomas HochsteinRelease v0.6 v0.6
2011-10-24  Thomas HochsteinDon't temp-fail on random address check.
2011-10-24  Thomas HochsteinFix a typo.
2011-07-24  Thomas HochsteinAdd .gitattributes
2011-07-24  Thomas HochsteinFix regexp for syntax-checking.
2011-07-23  Thomas HochsteinAdd syntax checking for mail addresses. v0.5
2011-07-23  Thomas HochsteinDocumentation: Add note regarding shell expansion.
2010-06-17  Thomas HochsteinRelease v0.4 v0.4
2010-06-17  Thomas HochsteinAdd overrides for configuration (MAIL FROM/EHLO).
2010-06-16  Thomas HochsteinReplace splitaddress() by Mail::Address.
2010-06-16  Thomas Hochstein-r: Create a really random localpart.
2010-06-16  Thomas HochsteinAnalyze failure codes, don't fail on temporary failures.
2010-06-16  Thomas HochsteinAdd changelog. v0.3
2010-06-16  Thomas HochsteinAdd documentation in POD format.
2010-06-16  Thomas HochsteinComplete rewrite.
2010-06-16  Thomas HochsteinAdd .gitignore
2010-01-15  Thomas HochsteinInitial commit. v0.2
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