Add database creation to installer.
[usenet/newsstats.git] /
2013-08-11  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'gatherstats' into next
2013-08-11  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'rewrite' into next
2012-10-12  Thomas HochsteinBe more fault-tolerant when reading checkgroups.
2012-10-12  Thomas HochsteinRemove call to &Bleat where not appropriate.
2012-10-12  Thomas HochsteinAdapt to new coding style.
2012-10-12  Thomas HochsteinComplete rewrite of and
2010-11-01  Thomas HochsteinFix some typos.
2010-11-01  Thomas Move TLH check to
2010-11-01  Thomas Add '-l' option.
2010-11-01  Thomas Add '-f' option.
2010-09-18  Thomas Fix $VERSION and $PackageVersion.
2010-09-18  Thomas HochsteinAdd upgrade path.
2010-09-18  Thomas HochsteinAdd comments and POD.
2010-09-18  Thomas Warn when -p takes precedence over -m.
2010-09-18  Thomas HochsteinInitial checkin of working branch.
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