2021-12-19  Thomas HochsteinUpdate documentation. master
2021-12-19  Thomas HochsteinChange quorum (50 -> 15 votes)
2021-12-19  Thomas HochsteinGlobal config: change diff command to "diff -u".
2021-12-19  Thomas HochsteinGlobal config: add " --" to mail command.
2021-09-20  Thomas HochsteinAdapt bdsgtext.cfg to DSGVO.
2014-03-19  Thomas HochsteinUpdate documentation from upstream.
2014-03-19  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'thh-pickfromupstream' into next
2014-03-19  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'thh-setdefaults' into next
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinFix whitespace and typo.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinUpdate documentation to 4.12.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinAdd correct timestamp to mbox when processing.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinDon't remove empty mailbox files/maildirs.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinFix
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinAdd option to compare ballot to sample ballot.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinDocumentation: Add votename to UVmenu.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinUpdate
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinAdd "bdsg_confirm" to
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinAdd script to create votings.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinAdd .gitattributes
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'thh-pickfromupstream' into next
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinAdapt some templates to upstream version.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinFix handling of template files like upstream.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinFix problem with recognition of ANNULLIERUNG.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinAdd option to read from Maildir.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinUpdate version number and copyright.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinDrop commonly used accounts from mailpatterns.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinUpdate documentation from upstream.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'thh-strictbdsg' into next
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'thh-checkvotename' into next
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinEnforce strict response for data protection clause.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinDisplay current voting identifier in menu.
2014-02-15  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'thh-result-template' into next
2012-09-19  Thomas HochsteinChange quorum (60 -> 50 votes) in templates.
2012-09-19  Thomas HochsteinAdapt other result templates to result-multi.
2012-01-22  Thomas HochsteinCorrectly find $votename.
2012-01-21  Thomas HochsteinAdd forgotten template.
2012-01-21  Thomas HochsteinFix regular expression.
2012-01-21  Thomas HochsteinCheck correct voting in ballot.
2012-01-21  Thomas HochsteinChange quorum: 50 "JA" votes are now enough.
2012-01-21  Thomas HochsteinComplete move to
2012-01-09  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'pu/fixdupnovote'
2012-01-09  Thomas HochsteinFix duplicate use of VOTE_NO_VOTES.
2011-11-13  Thomas HochsteinAdd whitespace to result templates.
2011-11-12  Thomas HochsteinMove from to
2011-11-12  Thomas HochsteinAdd executive bits to scripts.
2011-11-12  Thomas HochsteinFix envelope adresses in config template.
2011-09-16  Thomas HochsteinAdd missing options to usevote.tpl.cfg
2011-09-16  Thomas HochsteinChange placeholders in usevote.tpl.cfg
2010-08-21  Thomas HochsteinFrom upstream: Change tpl/result-multi.
2010-08-17  Thomas HochsteinFrom upstream: Change tpl/result-single.
2010-08-17  Thomas HochsteinFix: Harmonize DIR/TMP in
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteintpl/ack-mail: Add directions for replying to vote address.
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteintpl/ack-mail: Drop information about copy of CfV to...
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteintpl/ack-mail: Note that ANNULLIERUNG must be used at...
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteintpl/ack-mail: Left align votetaker.
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteinbdsgtext.cfg: Fix typo.
2010-08-16  Thomas HochsteinFrom upstream: missing fixes.
2010-08-16  Thomas HochsteinFrom upstream: Update copyright.
2010-08-16  Thomas HochsteinInitial checkin of personal version.
2010-08-16  Thomas HochsteinInitial checkin of upstream version 4.09. 4.0.9
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