2010-08-21  Thomas HochsteinFrom upstream: Change tpl/result-multi.
2010-08-17  Thomas HochsteinFrom upstream: Change tpl/result-single.
2010-08-17  Thomas HochsteinFix: Harmonize DIR/TMP in
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteintpl/ack-mail: Add directions for replying to vote address.
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteintpl/ack-mail: Drop information about copy of CfV to...
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteintpl/ack-mail: Note that ANNULLIERUNG must be used at...
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteintpl/ack-mail: Left align votetaker.
2010-08-16  Thomas Hochsteinbdsgtext.cfg: Fix typo.
2010-08-16  Thomas HochsteinFrom upstream: missing fixes.
2010-08-16  Thomas HochsteinFrom upstream: Update copyright.
2010-08-16  Thomas HochsteinInitial checkin of personal version.
2010-08-16  Thomas HochsteinInitial checkin of upstream version 4.09. 4.0.9
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