2023-05-20  Thomas Hochsteinfilter_innd: Add missing module. master
2023-05-20  Thomas Hochsteinfilter_innd: Add sha256/sha512 for Cancel-Lock/Key.
2023-05-20  Thomas Hochsteinfilter_innd: Correctly read folded headers.
2014-02-23  Thomas HochsteinChanges for Debian Wheezy.
2014-02-23  Thomas HochsteinRemove superfluous module.
2014-01-19  Thomas HochsteinAdd check for empty attributes to perl_mysql
2011-12-18  Thomas HochsteinAdd README and some meta data.
2011-12-18  Thomas HochsteinAdd filter examples for Cancel-Lock/-Key.
2011-12-18  Thomas HochsteinRestructuring: move perl_mysql to auth/
2010-01-15  Thomas HochsteinInitial commit.
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