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The current version of the d.n.q FAQ will be posted to de.newusers.infos and is available on the web too.

Please send comments and patches to! Discussion may also take place in de.newusers.questions or

Please base patches on master branch. master is the only branch that is guaranteed to remain stable, i.e. not being rewound.

For additional information, please head to the project wiki!

2020-08-23  Thomas HochsteinFix date (release 2.0.0-pre5). master update 2.0.0-pre5
2020-08-23  Thomas HochsteinRelease 2.0.0-pre5.
2020-08-23  Thomas HochsteinChange mail address.
2020-07-24  Thomas HochsteinFix Master List URL.
2020-03-11  Thomas HochsteinNew maintainer, new URL for newsreader FAQ.
2018-11-11  Thomas HochsteinAdd more HTTPS; bump version; add URL to monitor.
2018-07-27  Thomas HochsteinRelease 2.0.0-pre4. 2.0.0-pre4
2017-09-01  Thomas HochsteinMore HTTPS URLs.
2017-08-12  Thomas HochsteinHTTPS fuer
2017-05-01  Thomas HochsteinActivate ID support.
2017-04-30  Thomas HochsteinRelease 2.0.0-pre3 2.0.0.-pre3
2011-12-06  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'update' 2.0.0.-pre2
2011-12-06  Thomas HochsteinRelease 2.0.0-pre2
2011-12-06  Thomas HochsteinUpdate TODO, ChangeLog.
2011-12-06  Thomas HochsteinUeberarbeitung (Teil 2) - Fragen 5-16, 19.
2011-12-06  Thomas HochsteinRechtschreibung.
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