Handle undefined previous version when installing.
[usenet/newsstats.git] / install /
2013-08-11  Thomas HochsteinHandle undefined previous version when installing.
2013-08-11  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'rewrite' into next
2012-10-12  Thomas HochsteinAdapt install.pl to new coding style.
2010-09-19  Thomas Hochsteininstall.pl: Change handling of upgrades.
2010-09-18  Thomas Hochsteininstall.pl: Fix installation instructions.
2010-09-18  Thomas HochsteinAdd upgrade path.
2010-09-18  Thomas HochsteinIntroduce end-of-line normalization and add .gitattributes.
2010-09-18  Thomas HochsteinAdd comments and POD.
2010-09-18  Thomas Hochsteininstall.pl: Fix chdir.
2010-09-18  Thomas HochsteinInitial checkin of working branch.
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