descriptionyapfaq - yet another postfaq
ownerThomas Hochstein
last changeSat, 19 Aug 2017 14:21:14 +0000 (16:21 +0200)

yapfaq posts (one or more) FAQs to Usenet with a certain posting frequency, adding all necessary headers as defined in its config file.

You can download the current version from the distribution page.

master is the stable branch; maint is tracking older releases.

2017-08-19  Thomas HochsteinDon't warn for missing optional encoding setting. master
2017-08-19  Thomas HochsteinMark executable.
2017-08-19  Thomas HochsteinAdd Charset setting to config file.
2017-08-19  Thomas HochsteinBump version, copyright; update URLs.
2012-10-12  Thomas HochsteinFix typo in POD.
2010-11-01  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.9.1 (Maintenance Release) maint v0.9.1
2010-10-31  Thomas HochsteinTest mode: Add X-Supersedes only if Supersedes would...
2010-10-31  Thomas HochsteinBump version number to 0.91.
2010-09-11  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.9 v0.9
2010-06-15  Thomas HochsteinDrop use of Fcntl (not needed).
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinChanged packaging.
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinChange default Message-ID format.
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinChange: Modify headers for test posts.
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinChange: Drop %LM from subject if Last-Modified is not...
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinFix: Accept leading/trailing whitespace for Last-modifi...
2010-05-14  Thomas HochsteinBump version (0.9-prelease).
9 years ago v0.9.1
9 years ago v0.9
9 years ago v0.8.2
9 years ago v0.8.1
9 years ago v0.8
9 years ago v0.7
10 years ago v0.6.2
10 years ago v0.6.1
10 years ago v0.6
10 years ago v0.5b
2 years ago master
9 years ago maint
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