descriptioncheckmail - Zustellbarkeit einer Mailadresse
ownerThomas Hochstein
last changeSun, 23 Aug 2020 20:39:36 +0000 (22:39 +0200)

checkmail checks the vailidity / deliverability of a mail address.

You can download the current version from the distribution page.

master is the stable branch; maint is tracking older releases.

2020-08-23  Thomas HochsteinChange mail address. master
2016-11-13  Thomas HochsteinFix copyright in version display.
2016-11-13  Thomas HochsteinFix copyright and version in comment and POD, too.
2016-01-09  Thomas HochsteinFix display of CNAME/A records in log file.
2016-01-09  Thomas HochsteinRelease v0.6.2 maint v0.6.2
2016-01-09  Thomas HochsteinTry to handle CNAMEs and resolve them to A records.
2016-01-09  Thomas HochsteinAllow setting an empty envelope-from using '-s'.
2011-12-04  Thomas HochsteinFix annoying error message (Release 0.6.1). v0.6.1
2011-10-24  Thomas HochsteinRelease v0.6 v0.6
2011-10-24  Thomas HochsteinDon't temp-fail on random address check.
2011-10-24  Thomas HochsteinFix a typo.
2011-07-24  Thomas HochsteinAdd .gitattributes
2011-07-24  Thomas HochsteinFix regexp for syntax-checking.
2011-07-23  Thomas HochsteinAdd syntax checking for mail addresses. v0.5
2011-07-23  Thomas HochsteinDocumentation: Add note regarding shell expansion.
2010-06-17  Thomas HochsteinRelease v0.4 v0.4
7 years ago v0.6.2 Release v0.6.2
11 years ago v0.6.1 Release v0.6.1
11 years ago v0.6 Release v0.6
11 years ago v0.5 Release v0.5
12 years ago v0.4
12 years ago v0.3
13 years ago v0.2
2 years ago master
7 years ago maint
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