descriptionUseVoteGer is a voting software for usenet votes.
ownerThomas Hochstein
last changeSun, 19 Dec 2021 14:21:15 +0000 (15:21 +0100)

UseVoteGer 4.x is the German version of UseVote, a Usenet News Group Voting Software, re-done in Perl by Marc Langer. You'll find more information (in German language) on its upstream's page.

This repository contains a modified version of UseVote for my personal use as a member of the German Volunteer Votetakers, but also upstream releases (in the upstream branch, obviously). All patches appropriate for a larger audience are sent upstream.

2021-12-19  Thomas HochsteinUpdate documentation. master
2021-12-19  Thomas HochsteinChange quorum (50 -> 15 votes)
2021-12-19  Thomas HochsteinGlobal config: change diff command to "diff -u".
2021-12-19  Thomas HochsteinGlobal config: add " --" to mail command.
2021-09-20  Thomas HochsteinAdapt bdsgtext.cfg to DSGVO.
2014-03-19  Thomas HochsteinUpdate documentation from upstream.
2014-03-19  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'thh-pickfromupstream' into next
2014-03-19  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'thh-setdefaults' into next
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinFix whitespace and typo.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinUpdate documentation to 4.12.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinAdd correct timestamp to mbox when processing.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinDon't remove empty mailbox files/maildirs.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinFix
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinAdd option to compare ballot to sample ballot.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinDocumentation: Add votename to UVmenu.
2014-02-16  Thomas HochsteinUpdate
8 years ago 4.0.12 UseVote upstream release 4.0.12
10 years ago 4.0.11 UseVote upstream release 4.0.11
10 years ago 4.0.10 UseVote upstream release 4.0.10
12 years ago 4.0.9
10 months ago next
12 months ago upstream
13 months ago master
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