2020-08-23  Thomas HochsteinChange mail address. master
2017-08-19  Thomas HochsteinDon't warn for missing optional encoding setting.
2017-08-19  Thomas HochsteinMark executable.
2017-08-19  Thomas HochsteinAdd Charset setting to config file.
2017-08-19  Thomas HochsteinBump version, copyright; update URLs.
2012-10-12  Thomas HochsteinFix typo in POD.
2010-11-01  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.9.1 (Maintenance Release) maint v0.9.1
2010-10-31  Thomas HochsteinTest mode: Add X-Supersedes only if Supersedes would...
2010-10-31  Thomas HochsteinBump version number to 0.91.
2010-09-11  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.9 v0.9
2010-06-15  Thomas HochsteinDrop use of Fcntl (not needed).
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinChanged packaging.
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinChange default Message-ID format.
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinChange: Modify headers for test posts.
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinChange: Drop %LM from subject if Last-Modified is not...
2010-05-15  Thomas HochsteinFix: Accept leading/trailing whitespace for Last-modifi...
2010-05-14  Thomas HochsteinBump version (0.9-prelease).
2010-05-14  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.8.1 (Maintenance Release) v0.8.1
2010-05-14  Thomas HochsteinFix broken implementation of "Program" in .yapfaqrc.
2010-05-13  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.8 v0.8
2010-05-13  Thomas HochsteinDocumentation: Add Git repository and bug tracker.
2010-05-13  Thomas HochsteinMaking use of Getopt::Std's --help and --version.
2010-05-13  Thomas HochsteinAdd "Program" to .yapfaqrc.
2010-05-13  Thomas HochsteinDrop PGP support.
2010-04-14  Thomas HochsteinFix: Consistency check for MID-Format fixed (regexp).
2010-04-14  Thomas HochsteinAdd: MID-Format may now contain %t for a Unix timestamp.
2010-04-14  Thomas HochsteinAdd comments pointing to .yapfaqrc to source.
2010-04-14  Thomas HochsteinFix: Add "-V", NNTPSERVER to documentation, add more...
2010-04-14  Thomas Hochsteinreadconfig(): Add file name to verbose output.
2010-04-14  Thomas HochsteinReset default for NNTPServer to "unset".
2010-04-14  Thomas HochsteinChange sample yapfaq.cfg (mark optional settings).
2010-04-14  Thomas HochsteinBump version (0.8-prelease).
2010-04-14  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.7 v0.7
2010-04-13  Thomas Hochsteinreadconfig(): Make mid-format optional.
2010-04-11  Thomas HochsteinFix: Wrong text for content check (configuration file).
2010-04-11  Thomas HochsteinFix: Save status information only after successful...
2010-04-10  Thomas HochsteinUpdate documentation for .rcfile.
2010-04-10  Thomas HochsteinAdd option '-c': define another .rcfile.
2010-04-10  Thomas HochsteinAdd sample .yapfaqrc with defaults.
2010-04-10  Thomas HochsteinAdd rcfile (.yapfaqrc) for configuration.
2010-04-10  Thomas HochsteinMoved configuration to a hash (%Config).
2010-04-10  Thomas HochsteinAdd option '-s': pipe article to script.
2010-04-09  Thomas Hochstein-t CONSOLE: Change delimiter.
2010-04-09  Thomas HochsteinAdd some more comments.
2010-04-09  Thomas HochsteinAdd option '-V': print version and copyright information.
2010-04-09  Thomas Hochstein-h: Replace version/usage information with man page.
2010-04-09  Thomas HochsteinChange: Authenticate only if $NNTPUser is set.
2010-04-08  Thomas HochsteinAdd checks for mandatory content in configuration file.
2010-04-08  Thomas HochsteinAdd check for MID-Format and fallback to FQDN.
2010-04-08  Thomas HochsteinCode optimisation (verbose output).
2010-02-26  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.6.2 v0.6.2
2010-02-26  Thomas HochsteinFix default for Expires.
2010-02-26  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.6.1 v0.6.1
2010-02-26  Thomas HochsteinFix: Test mode must not update status information.
2010-02-25  Thomas HochsteinRelease 0.6 v0.6
2010-02-25  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'documentation'
2010-02-25  Thomas HochsteinMerge branch 'Options'
2010-02-25  Thomas HochsteinAdd documentation in POD format.
2010-02-25  Thomas HochsteinAdd variable expiry.
2010-02-25  Thomas HochsteinAdd commandline options.
2010-02-25  Thomas HochsteinCleanup on yapfaq.cfg
2010-02-25  Thomas HochsteinChange: Default $NNTPServer to 'localhost'
2010-02-25  Thomas HochsteinChange: Add script name and Warning/Error to warn(...
2010-02-24  Thomas HochsteinAdd .gitignore.
2010-02-21  Thomas HochsteinChange: Inform user when writing to ERROR.dat.
2010-02-21  Thomas HochsteinChange: Don't output line number if .cfg file can't...
2010-02-21  Thomas HochsteinUpdate header/introduction, bump version/copyright...
2010-02-21  Thomas HochsteinFix: Accept case-insensitive Last-modified pseudo header.
2010-02-21  Thomas HochsteinDon't use PGP by default.
2010-02-20  Thomas HochsteinInitial commit. v0.5b
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